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Champagne Glasses  //  Tulips, flutes and saucers

The perfect Champagne glass is a tulip shape.  Certainly not the image you have in mind when picturing the typical Champagne glass as we all think of the Champagne flute or the Champagne saucer (ok, the saucer is a bit retro…).

The larger the surface area the quicker the bubbles and aromas disappear into the air hence the narrowness of the Champagne flute and the reason why the Champagne saucer should be your last choice. The tulip shape is the best as the base is large enough to allow the bubbles to form and rise to the surface, whilst narrowing higher up the glass to retain the bubbles. If you haven’t a tulip glass to hand then the Champagne flute is preferable to the Champagne saucer (also known as Champagne coupe).

If you have managed to bag yourself a decent of bubbly though you could also consider using a white wine glass.

As well as the shape of your Champagne glass you also need to be able the see the Champagne when poured, so crystal and clear glasses are best.  You want to see the Champagne as regardless of which Champagne it is, it should be bright and shiny. If its not and its dull instead, then its probably faulty.

To clean your Champagne glasses its best to simply wash in warm water and leave upside down to dry. Cleaning detergents and cloths can coat the glass and affect the aromas of your Champagne and impede bubble formation.  There are specific cloths on the market for use on glassware if you have to use something.

Champagne Glass Innovations

In the 1990s double-wall stemware was invented as a way of reducing the heat from your hand transferring to the drink in the glass (not a problem I’ve experienced personally, hopefully due to having cold hands and not the speed at which I drink it.  Although I fear the latter may be the case which is why this site is called Amour Champagne and not Champagne connoisseurs). Double walled Champagne glasses have a small air gap between the inside and outside of the glass.

This invention was taken a step further by Dutch designer Alissa Melka Teichroew who turned the double walled design inside out.  The inner wall is moulded in the traditional shape of a Champagne glass but the outer wall is cylindrical. Very very contemporary but does look a little odd until the Champagne is poured revealing the shape of the inner glass. This design is available to buy so please watch this space for details of the best deals on Champagne glasses.

Champagne Stoppers

Champagne Stoppers and no we don’t mean your purse strings!  These ingenious little objects stop the bubbles from escaping by sealing the bottle and preserving its sparkle.  Perfect for when you don’t want to finish the bottle in one sitting or when distracted…..

“Two warm bodies and one cold bottle of Champagne will produce something more wonderful than would happen without the Champagne.” Helen Gurley Brown

Once you have opened a bottle of Champagne it is almost impossible to put the cork back in, so one of these little gadgets are ideal.  There is a huge variety to choose from screwpulls, corks, stainless steel inserts, plastic, silver plated and with equally varying prices from £2.50 to £250.

If you were looking for an innovative gift idea there are some beautifully presented Champagne stoppers for pretty much any budget.